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Ep. #5 – A Meditative Mindset for Athletes

This episode is all about moving yourself from a place of thinking to a place of being! Our host Michael is diving into Meditation and how it can change your life and your game for the better. So many of us think that being in control and mentally “tough” is how we can reach levels of success that will fulfill us. To fulfill that need we have inside to know that we are enough. In this episode, we dive into how meditation is the vehicle for us to be able to civilize the mind rather than control it. Meditation is a practice in being present with your thoughts that takes repetition just like the practice you do to prepare for your game. It’s about civilizing the mind and being able to sit with your thoughts and feelings. It’s about freeing yourself from fear and the need to constantly battle whether you feel like you are or have done enough. Tune in to hear how Meditation has affected Michael’s life, and how it can change yours for the better!

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