A Bulletproof Mindset for High Performers

The fact that you are a human being means you are a performer. We are all cultivating results in the game of life. Whether we are consciously intentional with what we are creating or going through the motions, we are creating. We are all performers and we all have high performance qualities in us. We all have that time during the day where we are connected to the people around us, doing the thing that we love. Our heart is set on fire in these moments. These are the moments we long for to feel connected with others, and to be moving closer to the change we want to see in the world. We cannot seem to have enough of these moments. You say, “Michael, I often feel disconnected to the people around me. My heart is rarely on fire with my dreams.” Where do these moments seem to go? How do we cultivate these moments on demand?

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We self-sabotage. The cliché that we are our own worst enemy is actually true. We are responsible for the unpleasant emotions we feel. We are responsible for holding onto these emotions in our body. This seems like a harsh reality, but I want you to see it a different way. This means circumstances do not have to dictate how you feel. We can take ownership for our emotions. The victim mentality is not actually truth. We have the capability to cultivate a sense of freedom. Here is where cultivating a bulletproof mindset connects you with life. It connects you in the present moment. It connects you to the people around you. It connects you to your mission. Yes, that mission that sets your heart on fire. The one that requires us to be our best self. The good news is our brain and body intuitively already know how to be at their best. Underlying all of the noise of daily life is love, is vitality, is freedom, and eternal peace. These are inherent to us human beings. Here are four steps to taking back your power and aligning you towards your true nature.

Four steps in cultivating a bulletproof mindset:

1 ) Imagination

I want you to bring yourself back to the time where you were a three-year-old boy or girl, when your imagination was endless. Your imagination is a vital skill in creating the life of your choosing. What does the perfect life of yours look like in three years from now? This is your life, not your mother’s or father’s. Where are you living? Who is in your life? Where are you working (i.e. hint – what’s your dream job)? The more unrealistic, the better. Now write it down.

2 ) Feelings

How would it feel in this moment if you knew this dream was a reality? What could you focus on if you knew you had the body, the finances, the perfect spouse, etc? The key here is that often our wants and desires are rooted in pain. They are rooted in life not being enough in the moment. We are seeking the feeling(s) of what these desires will bring. The cool thing is we have access to these feelings every time we think about these dreams.

3 ) Why

Why do you want this dream? What about this dream will move you into action regardless if the feeling of inspiration is present? Leverage your why. Involve other people. Think about the person who has all of these things you desire. Think about the person you must become in order to embody this dream.

4) Live Fully

This is the most important peice to the puzzle. Give gratitude as though you are already living in your future. Live as though you embody the feelings of having everything in your dream. No more wondering when that special someone will walk into your life. No more wondering whether you will be in the big leagues in two years. No more wondering whether you will have that body you always wanted. The power of living this way is three-fold. 1) Our body + mind doesn’t know the difference between something imaginary and something happening in real life so we experience the above feelings now; B) We open up possibility by allowing new thought patterns and new avenues of receiving; C) We act in accordance of someone who embodies the qualities of this person. This strengthens our belief muscle. Now, no event outside of us can take us off the path.

We are whole and complete in every moment. Our past happened the way it happened. As Peter Crone says, “It could not have happened any other way, because it didn’t.” Now fully immerse yourself in the present moment because that is the only moment you have to experience. Cultivate an imagination, feel the emotions of living into your future, leverage your why to raise necessity of becoming the person who has this dream, and lastly understand the power of the future is to live fully in the now. Living fully in the now is the access to connection and awakens your heart to your passion.

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