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Know Thyself, it is the first and final step to Total Freedom.

- Michael Locasto

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From working out to "Working In", awaken your life force energy for deeper purpose, true health, and self-transformation.

Michael offers potent & profound energetic transmissions for individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, S€xual Alchemy, and Spiritual Freedom. Become a powerful healing presence by connecting with the natural intelligence within you. Reclaim your effortless masculine and feminine power with the offerings below.

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How to work with Michael.

Embodiment Mentorship Call

2-Hour Deep Dive

Self-Mastery & Embodiment

4-Month Transformational Container

Healing Session

30 min Energetic Transmission

Breathwork Immersion

3-Hour Embodiment Experience (In-Person Only)

The present moment is where all possibility exists.

- Michael Locasto

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See what people are saying.

Andy Young
Andy Young

AAA Washington Nationals

“Mike was one of my favorite strength coaches because of his rare mindset. Mike understands the connection between physical training and the mind and more importantly how they work together to complement each other. Having Mike as an everyday tool for me to use was very beneficial, not only in the weight room and on the field, but more importantly how I started to train my mind to attack everything I did throughout my day. Mike turned my training routine into a lifestyle, which is still influencing me in a very positive way today.”

Gabe Speier
Gabe Speier

Kansas City Royals

“Mike Locasto was my AA strength coach with the Diamondbacks. He drove me to work as hard as I possibly could both physically and mentally. Not only did he help me get to where I wanted to be physically, but he is the first person that taught me to have a positive mindset and how important it is to be in a good state of mind to perform at the highest level. On the physical side, he knew that I had goals and got me to meet those goals much faster than I could have without him. Because of his positive outlook on life and tenacious work ethic he made me want to do the work and not take any shortcuts. Mike Locasto is a big reason I was able to live my dream and play in the Major Leagues!”

Kevin Ginkel
Kevin Ginkel

Arizona Diamondbacks

“There’s certain kind of qualities you look for in a coach. Communication, leadership, discipline, knowledge, and patience. These are just some of the qualities that Mike Locasto exhibits. I’m so glad he was with me in my journey to the big leagues.”

Jon Duplantier
Jon Duplantier

AAA Los Angeles Dodgers

He’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever worked with. He goes above and beyond for those that show they want to be great!

Anthony Donskov
Anthony Donskov

Donskov Strength and Conditioning

“I have had the distinct pleasure of being a small part of Michael Locasto’s journey as both a coach and leader. Michael is a true professional. He is bright, articulate, hard-working, driven, passionate and humble. His knowledge of the physical, psychological, technical, and tactical elements of sport preparation are only rivaled by his unquenchable curiosity for knowledge. Despite these accolades, the most impressive feat of all is that he’s an even better person.”

Kyle Torgerson
Kyle Torgerson

Seattle Mariners Head Athletic Trainer

“Mike practices what he preaches. His ability to connect with all kinds of people is leading him down a path of positively impacting anyone he comes in touch with. I personally leave every conversation I have with him more enlightened and further motivated to continue my own mindful practices. Someone I’m honored to call a friend.”

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