Book Review

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Topic: Spiritual Freedom, Mental Clarity, Purpose, Subconscious, Beyond Ego

Life Value: 10/10

Entertainment Value: 9/10

Mental Clarity: 8/10

Spiritual Freedom: 10/10

Some books provide knowledge, other books compel you into action, and then there are the rare few that speak directly to your soul. The Untethered Soul provides a path to spiritual freedom. This book will not only transform the way you see the world, if you let it, it will radically shift your entire being.

For a long time I was confused about what it meant to be a spiritual person. This was the first book that I read that resonated with me on the path of spirituality. The Untethered Soul takes you on a journey inward to unshackle oneself from the limitations of the ego. Michael Singer provides a way towards self-realization.

This book will remind you of the true essence of who you are, pure awareness. You will learn how to use suffering and pain to untether yourself from past conditioning. This timeless book will take you on a journey into eternity.