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Ep. 62 | Michael Locasto – Expanding Human Potential Starts with Awareness

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Michael Locasto. Michael is an AZ-based inner transformational coach with years of experience in training hundreds of elite-level athletes, guiding men and women into alignment with their true nature. His work is a combination of mindset, energy coaching, embodiment tools & practices, Eastern philosophy, and flow state psychology. For the past ten years, Michael has developed a deep curiosity about expanding human potential.

In this episode, Michael talks about his childhood and the lessons he learned as he dealt with self-image issues. He talked about how we can cultivate awareness and be consistent with being mindful and present at the moment. He talked about the ego and its connection to shaping your identity and reality. He also gives advice on how to increase the level of awareness and mindset.

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